Present Life

January is such a thoughtful month. People are analyzing the previous year, thinking about ways they could grow and change, contemplating resolutions.

Setting goals.

Envisioning new success.

Possibly getting a little crazy in the head. I think I am.

I really enjoy living in the future. It's part of my planner personality. But it leaves the present a little empty sometimes.

So, my overarching theme for the year is going to be "Live in the Present".

Plan for the future, yes. Then enjoy those moments without thinking about the next. My husband is really good at this.

So -- to encourage me along this path, I'm going to focus this blog in a more anecdotal direction. Stories, pictures of day to day life, what this kids are saying/doing...basically, living more in the moment. The day of.

Here are some anecdotal examples to whet your appetite:
{Peter a few weeks ago} "Look at my smoke detector. It's so cute. It's wearing a nice dress."
{Peter this morning} "You look nice, daddy. You're wearing clothes!"

I really hope I can do this. Because I find myself enjoying the planning more than the living. Not ideal. So. Play more. Love more. Live more. AND experience JOY. =)

Do you have a theme for the coming year?