Robin's Egg Blue

Thank you, Mom, for giving me time this afternoon to be me. Time to breath. No need to be responsible for anyone else. Just a couple hours to be alone and reconnect with myself. It was inspirational.

Today, I wrote about what seemed most obvious. The beautiful blue sky. With fluffy white clouds. Imagine the warm sun on my back and winter birds singing their song, with only a slight chance of seeing their breath.

Robin's Egg Blue
The sky is speaking to me
Its color shouts "Renew!"
Puffy white clouds spell F-L-U-F-F
Against Robin's Egg Blue.

And, my short story be continued...

I don't remember who saw them first. My brother and I both froze, staring, willing ourselves to remain motionless, unblinking. Birds, the size of a five-year-old's thumb, surrounded by pieces of blue. Fallen too soon from what would have been a warm, protected place. A place where they could enter the harsh world in good time. This was not a good time.

A flash of movement to the right and we unglued our feet to chase after Grenly, our basset hound. She was long, and clumsy, and hard for even four five-year-old arms to hold on to. Twins and cohorts, we carried and half-drug her into the house while calling for our mother. Mom's always know what to do. She could help us with the tiny birds.