Ten on Ten

Good morning! We just got more fridge alphabet magnets. Can you tell?

Little skiff of snow last night = very slippery roads. Watched a Rav4 do a little spin on the road in front of me.

Back from my haircut! Fun times chatting it up with Kacey.

Peter says, "why does it say 2-4?"

Late bath-time. With suds. We never do suds. Ezra got a little out of hand.

Leftover enchiladas. Still delightful.

Playing with new fire-station that arrived today in the mail.

Mommy gets instruments packed up for Kindermusik class tonight.

Nativity still lives on top of the piano. Caught Buzz standing on the piano keys, playing with it.

Gymnastics class. Under-whelming. Hope Wednesday is better!

There it is. Ten photos, one each hour, on the tenth of the month. Happy ten.

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