When Crafts Fail

Someone really should create a blog about craft flops. I would be happy able to guest post often.

Today's attempt seemed fairly harmless. Making a glitter ball.

I set up his picnic table on the tile floor, with cardboard and wax paper underneath to catch drips. Put him in his IKEA craft apron (which is getting too small) and put the materials in front of him.

Pre-cut string lengths, a balloon, blown up small, about half the bottle of elmer's glue mixed with a bit of water in a big metal bowl. I thought my planning was good.

First I explained the process. Here's what you will do. I provided a quick demonstration. His response?

"I can't do that. I don't want to touch that."

Years of clean training and now he won't get dirty when it's time to get dirty. Ahhhh.

So mommy tried it.

The string was gluey. But it didn't stick very well to the balloon. I probably should have used a thinner version of string. So eventually, it just all slid off. Peter wasn't sure what it was supposed to be anyway.

We live and learn. And guest post to craftfail.com