Decisions, Decisions

A mom makes about a thousand decisions every day. Tons of little things. Some bigger things.

"Should we get groceries now or after lunch?" 

"He's been in his room {playing/singing/whining} for an hour now...should we give up on nap-time?"

"Would another session of ice skating lessons be good? Or maybe we've learned enough for now?" 

"Will my child be OK while I take a few minutes for myself?"

"What should I make for dinner? Should I make it now...or right before mealtime?" 

It's a lot of responsibility! The authors of I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids remind us that...
"As mothers, we are often the deciders-in-chief. We make choices all day long. [...] The trouble with this is not that it takes so much time, though it does do that too. The trouble is that it uses up so much of our emotional and mental reserves. [emphasis mine] If a mother is the household choice-maker, her brain is constantly running a program in the background (while she's grocery shopping, doing laundry, supposedly working), trying to evaluate if the choices she's making for her family are working out as well as the choices other parents are making for theirs.

Part of what's so exasperating is that the pressure doesn't seem to stop once a choice has been made. Making the choice is just the beginning because immediately upon making it, we often feel the need to start validating that we've made the right one. The burden of this is not to be underestimated."
So glad to hear it's not just me. I thought maybe I was alone in my struggle to make decisions and then the worry of whether or not I made the right ones.

Do you struggle with the responsibility of decision making? Did you know this would be part of the job description before you had kids?