I am still such an amateur. I forgot my ISO on 1600 today. And shot several really cool photographs that are pretty grainy. Pain in the neck.

Lesson learned.

I've been feeling bored with everything lately. Nature is looks dead. Boys look the same.
Not a lot of new ways to photograph our .5 mile radius.

So today, when being quiet indoors was no longer possible, we took things outside and I began hunting for new angles with my camera.

While Peter hunted for new elevators and boxes missing their combination lock.

Here's my grainy moss-in-the-grass close-up.
And Peter testing his luck on the first box.
Here's my holly shot, experimenting with depth of field.
And the dimpled expert-of-all-things-sewer-system-sprinkler-system-electricity-clock
It's a good thing he has it all figured out.
I sure don't.
Here's my attempt at leading lines...focus on the right.
And lookie here -- they forgot to put a lock on this one! Of course he had to peek inside. 
My little explorer.
Off to discover more new things. So many new things when you're three.
See, don't you imagine him having a very bright future? 
If his mom would just wash the chocolate and snot off his face...
Hey, I'm still learning. It'll come.
For now, just push the button. Open the door.
And drive away with a great big smile on your face. 
Even if there is a little grain. Eat it for breakfast.