February Goals {Attempted}

Really, Ezra? Four o'clock in the morning? Wasn't five early enough for you? Apparently not.

So, extra time to think about goals for February entertain a busy toddler. While keeping the rest of the household members asleep.

[chasing scene into the kitchen where he bonks his head and wails]

Now we're in the bathroom. Other members are still asleep, *I think*.

What better place to think about the future than perched atop the toilet seat lid? Listening to a little splasher.

So. Goals.

Can't I just write "survive another month of my life"?

No. You can't. Gotta be better than that.


1} Ezra needs Canadian citizenship. I need to print papers and make a to-do list. Gotta make it happen this month. Not sure he'll sit still for the picture...they may get a blurred Ezra...

[drama ensues in the bathtub where tears mingle with bathwater]

Ok, ya, nevermind. Maybe SURVIVE is a good goal for this month.

Excuse me while I go hold a baby within reach of the light switch so he can get his on/off quotient for the day.