His Twenty Months

He turned 20 months last Friday. I'm a bit late in celebrating. But he is very much now a twenty-monther. Hooray for the little guy.

He can run. He can throw. He can get out of the way of large moving objects being driven by three-or-four-year-olds.
He can make noise with a kazoo.

He makes so many interesting noises. His favorite is "nah-nah" using two very close pitches, the first a bit higher than the second.
Peter says that means he is pre-heated. His only really recognizable word is "uh-oh" although he's been saying "buh" when it would be time to say goodbye and something that kind-of sounds like yes when asked a question.

He loves to play outside. He will bring me his shoes whenever he thinks it is time to go out again.
He loves to push the "peanut" or the "rocket" or pretend to drive the Jeep.
And he doesn't run away anymore. *knock on wood*

He came up behind Peter and gave him a hug this afternoon.
He's been known to tickle on command {"Ezra, I'll hold down mommy and you tickle her!"}.
His favorite game to play in the house is chase. The stomp rocket is a close second.

What a fun kid. Love him more everyday.