Meal Planning Monday

Wow, that was a lot of rice last week. Didn't even think to balance things out. I'll try better this time. 

Sometimes inspiration is flowing but motivation has frozen over. Melt, baby, melt.

breakfasts (5) + green drink
cornmeal mush and honey
cold cereal and citrus
applesauce on toast
oatmeal with coconut and pineapple
granola and blueberries

baking (1)
ginger apple pandowdy {it was so good last time} 

lunches (5)
egg salad sandwiches {with plenty of hidden crunch}
spicy cauliflower with sesame with rice {not sure the kids will go for this...}
zucchini ricotta cheesecake {this sounds really weird to me, but I want to try it!}
stir-fry and rice {with lots of broccoli}

suppers (5)
coconut red lentil soup
winter green pasta {this may need a repeat performance in March}
garbanzo noodle soup {very simple recipe, but a good start -- add potatoes and scrambled egg}
oven roasted potatoes
feta ciabatta sandwiches