Meal Planning Monday

I made everything on the list last week except the poppy seed bread and the tater tot casserole! Amazing. Not really. Back to calorie counting.

The honey yogurt waffles were exceptionally good. As were the zucchini chocolate chip cookies. They got two showings! 

So -- what to do this week??? There's broccoli. Leftover alfredo sauce.

breakfasts (5) + green drink
yogurt with granola and flax meal
oatmeal with coconut and pumpkin seeds
cold cereal with orange boats
baked frittatas with broccoli and three cheeses
banana milkshakes with almond butter

{photo source: Kalyn's Kitchen}

baking (1) {just so we can say we did} 
grapefruit poppy seed bread

lunches (5)
spanish rice {again, yes. worth repeating}
quesadillas, stuffed with beans, corn and cilantro
hot dog sandwiches, grapes, cucumber wedges
baked yams, rice, mushroom soup
Cheemo perogies and sauteed vegetables

{photo source: A Sweet Pea Chef}

suppers (5)
chicken alfredo pizza and salad
slow cooker lamb curry {going to try substituting curry chai pow yu} with jasmine rice
coconut rice pudding {oh, this just sounds heavenly right now -- not sure if it's practical though}