Racing Remote-Control People
Sometimes when you're holding a front-end loader with buttons and your brother and friend are running circles around the house, the obvious thing to do is pretend that you have a remote control and you are telling them where to go. Mu-haha.

Playing With Brown Rice
Sometimes things get a little out of hand and the carpet gets a little gritty.

Wearing a Mustache
Sometimes your mom might make funny things on a stick and ask you to speak in your deep manly French voice. You might chuckle and comply for a minute. Just for her. And then get back to something more interesting.

Hiking in the Mud
Sometimes your mom drags you out into the cold to look at dried up dead things. But sometimes you might catch her excitement and do a little exploring of your own. Until your brother gets cold hands and won't have another minute of it. 

Plugged In
Sometimes your little brother might watch you too well. And start doing everything you do. Competition for the power strips. 

Flying Chickens
Sometimes a flying chicken is the best possible entertainment.

Late Nights
Sometimes mama stays up past her bedtime, blogging. Tut-tut. Gonna be hard to get up at 5am if you don't go to bed soon, mom. Make the right choice. ~~ Love Peter