Thoughts About...

LOVE: Sure is a lot of talk about it today for the past couple weeks. Cute crafts. Sinful food. Gorgeous photos. Plenty of sentiment. Everyone is so creative. And full of feeling.

And I thought I was doing better {I AM!}. But still not enough energy to craft/bake/photograph/love like "everyone" else.

Peter has been loving like a pro today -- "Mommy, I just love you sooo soo much!" {leg squeeeeeeze} And trying so hard to spell out words. "Is 'e' a vowel?" "Is this a word?" He wanted me to help him spell out "I Love You". And we made a very feeble attempt at making valentines for friends {read: wrote names on last year's Veggie Tales cards and didn't have time to deliver}.

We spent most of our afternoon playing outside with neighbors, then came in to try to make "Krispy kisses". Recipe fail. Poor ratio of marshmallow to Krispies. So we fixed the batter, but made them into a flat pan instead of individually foil wrapped "Kiss" shapes. Ya.

And didn't get any food made for dinner.

MARRIAGE: We are ships passing in the night. He gets home, I leave to teach a class. I get home, he's off to a board meeting. He gets home, I'm in bed almost asleep still writing this blog post with weary eyes. Happy Valentines Day honey. How do the other couples do it? We need an extra dozen hours in the day.

And I really do have many more thoughts.......but just zero brain power. I need more sleep. And I should probably eat my vegetables. Grocery run tomorrow. I promise. When the kids are freshly fed and {hopefully} still happy.

For now, a bientot. Buenos noches. Buona note. *closing eyes*
--One Thousand Gifts--
14. My oh so comfortable bed and oh so firm and just the right height pillow.