21 Months Behind Him -- Many Ahead

Twenty-one months old today. Almost two years.

We looked at some scrapbooks today -- saw pictures of Peter when he was 21 months old. Amazing to think that my second son is that old already. Getting so big.

He followed directions so well this morning...coming when I called, not touching things that he shouldn't, putting all the cuisenaire rods away when we were done with them. He surprises me with his desire to please. He's a good influence on his older brother!

He's brave, adventurous, not afraid to try new things.

He has the cutest little habit of patting his head when it gets hurt -- saying "thhs, thhs".

He now says "baaaa" in a sing-song voice {sounds like a major third interval}. He anticipates that you are planning to leave and says "baaaa" before you even say goodbye.

You'd laugh hearing him say "whoa" after big brother does something "really cool".

And he's giving high fives now too!

And here's to the future. Love you Buzz.