Adventuring with Kids

You may have noticed the new link up there entitled "We Travel".

Why, yes we do. But we will be traveling MORE. You betcha. Big things planned this spring/summer.

It all begins in the shower -- you know, where all my great ideas come from. ;) I start thinking about adventures...taking pictures all over the NW...hiking with my kids...  Then I realize, "hey, they could sleep in separate tents and do just fine". And they do better in the car these days.....

And so my rusty brain wheels begin to turn.

And out comes a plan to road trip the Oregon Coast in late April. Me and my two boys. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am! I tend to get excited about things before they happen. Yesssss. Sometimes my expectations are a leeeetle bit high. But this trip is going to be AMAZING!!!

Ya. Well, we'll do our best. =)

I'm going to blog about every minute of it. Well, the interesting minutes.

I plan to record anecdotal stories, the good, bad and the ugly, take plenty of pictures, meet other coast moms and share our adventure stories with them {and share them with you}, sleep outside, spend quality time in the car, search for free wireless in little podunk coastal towns, and best of all, make memories with my kids!!

This will be the first adventure of {hopefully} many to come. I have dreams of doing an Olympic Peninsula trip and maybe even a San Juan Islands tour. Oh baby, oh baby. Dreams coming true.

My husband is wishing he was the stay at home parent right about now.

So -- join me!! You'll notice my button at the bottom of the page. It's designed so that you can share with friends that might be interested in reading a humorous travel blog {involving wee ones and a bit of crazy}. All you need to do is post the html code in a place where html code can be posted. :)

We have a month to prepare. I'll be writing many lists during that time. This trip is gonna be big. Gotta be ready.