Chickpea Sweet Potato Curry

I know why we always call them sweet potatoes in recipe titles, even though they're not. Because it just doesn't sound as good to say Chickpea Yam Curry. Nope. Just doesn't have a ring to it.

But it doesn't have to ring to taste good. This is delicious. And easy.

Here's what I did:

Well...really the process began by soaking the garbanzo beans...did that a while ago...stuck the soaked beans in the freezer.

So. This morning I got the bag 'a beans outta the freezer and let them thaw a bit. Then put two or so cups in my big pot. Chopped up a YAM. Added that and then some chopped garlic. Added the coconut milk/water, curry powder and a can of diced tomatoes.

Really, it's just a little jingle called "Chop and Dump". And then "Simmer".

Oh baby. What a smell.

The baby loved it too. He cleaned his plate. It was funny to watch him take a bite with his spoon, then a bite with the fork. He couldn't decide which worked better.

Chickpea Sweet Potato Curry
      2 cups garbanzo beans, rinsed and soaked overnight
      1 can coconut milk and half a can of water (depending how thick you want your curry to be)
      2 cloves garlic, chopped
      1 medium yam, diced
      1 can diced tomatoes
      1 tbsp curry powder

In a medium pot, combine top ingredients and bring to a boil. Simmer for 3-4 hours until garbanzos are soft.