Chronicles of the Leafy Children

Yes, all 36 of them. They have all found homes!! With their birth parents, yes, who are becoming more proud every day.

We're just amazed they are still alive! He tends to over-water {and has drowned seedlings in the past}; she tends to forget about them and under-water {but has since learned how to care for two human children and is much more attentive}. Between the two of us, we're the best parents ever!

Today, mommy transplanted all of them into their new homes. It was a big job and she got a little dirt on the floor. But they look so much happier with some room to breath and new soil to put roots into.

Here's my operation -- taking the wrappers off, filling the foam cups with potting soil, poking little holes in the bottom of said cups, then setting them inside shorter plastic cups. Tomato, meet your new home. aaaaaaah

See -- they are waiting with such anticipation! Their leaves are twitching...

And just in case you are as love-struck as we are and you want to see their progress in life's journey:

Mmhmmm -- good lookin' plants. Gonna be eatin' home-grown tomatoes in this house purty soon.