Confession: I've felt slightly sick for the past four Mondays and have taught my music class with quite a bit of effort and fake energy. Today I had a galloping headache and still don't feel 100% over my food poisoning{?} event more than a week ago.

Confession: I would rather keep the major portion of the daylight in the morning and go to bed early. Daylight Savings Time does me no good.

Confession: I am sitting on the porch swing {enjoying the twilight sky}, letting my husband put the doogas to bed. Hoping he won't come out and enlist my help. ;p

Confession: I made brownie pops last week. Probably didn't help my immune system any. But Peter wanted to try the new baking dish that Grandma got us for Christmas. Yes, sometimes it takes three months to put a gift to use.

Confession: I should have been paying more attention to my oldest when he decided to charge an alkaline battery this morning.

Confession: We have two diapers left and I'm not very motivated to drive over to Walmart tonight.

Confession: I haven't known what to blog about lately. And I've been craving your comments more than ever.

Confession: I'd really like some more color in my wardrobe. Something springy.

Confession: I think my kids are superstars. And I've been saving some of the best pictures for ______. Now would be as good a time as any, right? 

Confession: My husband craves attention almost as much as I do. OK. Maybe more.

Confession: I stole this idea from someone else.