Literature, Little People Style

One of his new favorite things to do includes a favorite book and some plastic people.
In this case, "Curious George Visits a Toy Store" and some very cute Little People.

First, he designed the Toy Store out of wooden blocks. With plenty of room for monkeyin' around. 

The story begins with a long line of people waiting for the store to open. See?

I will read the book aloud, while he moves the characters around, accordingly.

Then, of course, the man with the yellow hat comes to get his silly little monkey and they drive away in their little blue car {not pictured}.

So far, we have acted out Fred the Firefighter, The Little Red Hen makes a Pizza, Curious George and the Birthday Surprise and this one.

It's a super easy way to incorporate dramatic play and literature. It gets him much more interested and involved in the story. Try it sometime!