Maybe When I'm Four {or Thirty}

I really needed nap time today. It's one of those days where you just start writing, knowing a title will come later. Maybe that's what went wrong today -- should have given it a title from the get-go.

Sometimes I just don't have what it takes. Yesterday I did. I was patient all day long. Not perfect -- patient. Even as we marched through the two grocery stores at 5:30pm.

But not today.

Maybe starting the morning by trying to clip his nails wasn't a good idea.

By eleven o'clock, mommy's patience was so nearly gone and the only thing left was to go outside and regroup. How is it not even noon yet? Long day.

You know? You been there?

Can't help trying to problem solve -- do I need more calories? more vitamins? more fresh air? Have I been trying to do too many things at once? Is my focus where it should be? Are we getting too unstructured?

Who knew being a mother required a background in JUGGLING?

So -- it's back to the drawing board. As always.

Plan a craft {or not}. Schedule a play-date. Make time for mom. Cook food together. Don't forget the vitamins. Or the water.

But what about when they aren't interested in all that {whatever it is}? "Circle Time" {my attempt at bringing us all together to sing/read/learn} has been touch and go. Today's words were "Mommy, why do we have circle time?" "Because it's fun." Well...not as much fun as the speaker he wants to build or the other 'jobs' he needs to do. He sure wouldn't fit the preschool mold very well at this point.

I don't want to force them to have fun doing things my way.

But that is a life lesson, isn't it? At some point in life -- they will have to conform. Whether it be in school or a work situation or a relationship......... {right?} They will need to compromise. Realize that others have wishes too. Not get to do what they want all the time. {right?}

Maybe not at three years old though. Maybe this is a season of freedom and limitless possibilities {that hopefully won't involve other mishaps such as dunking daddy's iPod shuffle or leaving power strips out in the rain}.

How restrictive should the learning environment be?

This morning {during a chat with mama about listening to directions} Peter says "I'll learn how to listen when I'm four. Maybe I'll do the dishes then too." He has a long list of things he'll do once he is one year older. Go to the bathroom by himself. Put on his own clothes and shoes. And seat-belt. {Who told him about birthdays anyway?} And is procrastination genetic? ;)

So -- after a difficult morning and some hard conversations of late, it's high time for the counting of blessings.
Thank you to the author of One Thousand Gifts for the inspiration.

--One Thousand Gifts--
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