My Heart Awakens

He slept in a teeny weeny bit. I see him dragging his little blue blanket over to the bathtub, ready to jump in. He's a creature of habit. Like his mother.

Last night, you would have seen him yawn around 7 o'clock, then go fetch daddy's shoes and assist him in the putting on. Then on to brother's shoes. He was ready to go home and go to bed.

What a great kid. Falling more in love.

Motherhood is hard. I've had some really hard weeks and even months. But finding the solutions to allow me to love this much is priceless. I'm feeling free to love. And so thankful.

Can I brag on my oldest for a minute? ;)

Look at these creations he made yesterday:

Every piece has a function -- from speakers to motors to blades to puffs of smoke. I was ASTONISHED to walk into his room after cries of "loooook, mommy!" and see these. What a kid.

But when I'm stressed, overwhelmed by clutter, vitamin-deficient, depressed -- I don't see the amazing children, just the mess.

Thank you Jesus for the practice of thanksgiving and joy-finding. Thank you for so many reasons to live this life.

Thank you for glorious awakenings of spring LIFE.

See the love? Feel the grace?

--One Thousand Gifts--
33. Blue sky streaked with purpley color
34. Clear vision to see my amazing children
35. Pink post-bath baby buns 
36. Little holes dug in brownie pan and flecks of chocolate around his mouth
37. Thirsty tomato plants, begging to live