{Out of Control} Propellers

You deserve some photographs. A lot of words lately. Time for some lookin'.

Check out these beauties. Growing tall, strong, fuzzy stalks. Really leafin' out. My husband says I'm hired. YESSSS.

I let the kids play with the rice bucket again today -- they love it. So much. But then they get kinda crazy. Peter's pretend propeller somehow got into the bucket and rice began to fly. Abort mission. Back to base.

We drove out of town and down into a beautiful valley for a 4-year-old's birthday party this afternoon. While the other kids were playing asteroid toss and pin the austronaut on the rocket ship, our kids had a jolly good time on the lawn mower.

Really. That's all they need to make it a good party. BINGO. Ezra's having a lawn mower party for his second birthday! Yep, not all my great ideas come in the shower.

Ezra is easily entertained.

Well, they both are. =) And so cute.