Short Story Contest: Big Mouth

We all need a place to feel inspired. We all need an outlet -- a place to share our art, whether it be words, painting, photography, cooking...

Here is a place to read, write, and be inspired. Every month or two, I will host a writing contest, to keep our creative juices flowing.

Please join in! Here's how:

What to do:
Sit down in the most inspirational location you can find. Write a story. Publish it on your blog and link up below or {if you don't have a blog} use Google Documents {you can type online and share the link}. Let me know if you have any questions about how to do this. I entered a test sample, just to see if it would work. :)

Use as many paragraph breaks as possible, to allow for easy reading. Pictures are fine, if they don't detract from the writing.

Catchy Phrase:
Have you ever played the improv game where the audience provides the on-stagers with a phrase that they have to somehow incorporate into their performance? Can be very funny. Here's your phrase -- get it into your short story...somehow.
"If my mouth was a bit bigger...maybe..."

April 13, 2011

1} Share only original work -- from your brain and your fingertips.
2} Keep your writing under 1000 words. Enough to create interest, but short enough to read in a few minutes.
3} Be sure what you write is family-friendly. Very G-rated. Thank you. 
3} Include the "catchy phrase" somewhere in your work, where it makes sense, of course. :)

I'll choose a winner and the winner's short story will appear on my blog, including the winner's bio and blog info, if he/she chooses. A winner will be announced shortly after the contest ends.

Please share this link with your writer friends -- it will be fun to read a wide variety of writing styles!