Spring Fever

Boy, things sure liven up around here when the temps are above 60 degrees. Woooooeee.

And now the back of my jacket and shirt are all wet.

See -- he needed to empty the hot water heater. What to do with all that warm water??

What to do, what to do.

How about a solo-soak in the man-tub?

Where you can contemplate life's meaning. 

And invite your bro in for a dip. 

And get in trouble for almost squirting the camera {mommy moves fast}. 

And then have to hold your own against the big guy. With a bigger water squirter.

Who later came after that {somewhat fast moving} mama, who didn't run fast enough.

Check out all the pictures -- in this here slide-show. {Nah, we ain't hillbillies...}
And jest in case yous don't believe it -- read this conversation from earlier today with yur best southern drawl:
"Son, it is not polite to point at the table."
"I'm not pointing at the table, I'm pointing at you."
"Alright -- son, don't point while sitting at the table."
"I'm not sitting, I'm kneeling."
He says all that to his dear father...thunk it all up hisself. Then says to me, "Princess, you're my girl." Love you too, honeybucket.

G'night, ya'll.