Adventuring: Most Favorite Memories

First sight of the ocean. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Watching Ezra in his car seat -- conducting with the music {Curious George Leads the Band} and clapping his hands.

Getting this silly lighthouse pic. Priceless.

Playing something much like Marco Polo while the kids played in the woods and I packed up our tents.
"Peter..." "Mommy..." {3 minutes later} "Peter..." "Mommy..."

Watching Peter get brave enough to touch a starfish AND a shark.

Watching Ezra get in Peter's bubble...and realize they are both still having fun. My kids do love each other.

Hiking among the beautiful redwoods with my amazing kids.

Ending our road trip with a family visit and sharing a special day.

All along our trip, I would say things like "wow, look at that ocean!" or "look at those amazing trees!" you know, hoping for some participation from the back seat. Nothing. :) On our marathon trip home, Ezra finally started to get it. We drove past the very uniquely beautiful Shasta Lake, I said "that's so pretty", and Ezra immediately said, "WOW!" Thank you buddy.