Get Real, Woman

Time to get real. Cause "this is real life".

And because lately I've been posting beautiful photos of my pretty boys, talking about how many adventures we have been having, and sharing delicious recipes. Focusing on the good. All the blessings. Of which there are MANY.

But, you know what? My baby had a very abbreviated nap this afternoon, threw a huge over-tired fit when I half-dragged him inside to get him ready for bed, and is still in his room toodling around. Tap tap tap, hum hum hum, waaah. Did someone feed this boy something sweet??

The only clean part of my house right now is the kitchen {good enough for now, I say}.

And I've just been feeling so blah. I want to write a post about communication styles, but I'm afraid I'll offend. It's really all about me feeling disconnected from people....people who don't know me well enough to understand...pretty much everybody, because I'm a mom. Who is introverted. Who likes to have deep friendships. Which take a lot of time. Investment.

Ya, another post.

The real me wants to connect with ya'll. The real me wants to make an difference. The real me feels discouraged sometimes.

The real me wonders what is waking her up at 4:30 every morning. The real me is tired.

Must be optimistic. Must end post on a happy note.

I really do love rhubarb crisp and vanilla bean ice cream. Except when I eat two servings.

Try again.

I am so excited about our thisclose road trip. But so afraid it will rain and we'll get no sleep.

Fig newton. 

I love my family.