Home, Happy, Holding Out

Well, since I came home to a house cleaner than I left it, all the laundry came out of our bags clean, my kids are so happy to be home they don't need any intervention at all, AND the fridge is full of groceries, I can spend my whole day blogging!!

{was the sarcasm clear enough there?}

I'm a pretty busy mama today, running the washer/dryer like mad, trying to whip up the week's meal plan, picking up and organizing, and {YES} taking care of my children who are no longer strapped into their car seats {so much easier that way}. =p

You have NO IDEA how many blog posts I have either half-typed, just saved with a title, or impatiently waiting in my brain.

I really wish I could have blogged more consistently while on our road trip -- that way I wouldn't feel so terribly behind. I could have done of better job of preserving memories. By the time I got the kids to bed each night, I only had time to download photos, do a little post-processing, possibly write a couple sentences and then hop in the sack myself. Not having electricity at three out of four of our campsites slowed me down considerably as well. The car charger only had so much juice in it...and the computer was in direct competition with the DVD player for the cigarette lighter.

So, I will continue doing what I must -- and the first minute I get to off-load my brain {and iPhoto} onto this white space, I will.

Are you on the edge of your seat??