I'm Dreaming of a Hike With You

My boys hiked about a mile today! They are so ready for our big adventure. And I am so proud of them.

I didn't really dream about what my future life with kids would be like, but if I had, this would be it. Running down dirt trails with them, watching water cascading over rocks together, listening to the birds sing, jumping from one side of the trail to the other with glee...this is my dream life.

Add road tripping to exotic locations and wow -- you've got one happy mama. {Depending, of course, on the great success of said trip.}
But wouldn't you be happy watching these jubilant outdoors-men? It's so fun!!

And if you've got a minute -- here are some more beautiful pictures for your eyes. =)

Community Question: Did you have any dreams of things you would do with your kids?