Last Day of March

This was supposed to be published yesterday, but now here we are, April the First. Is it Spring where you live? It certainly is nice to see a little green here and there.

These days, the boys are out the door and ready to play outside before I've even had breakfast or dried my hair. Right now, Ezra is pushing the neighbor's scooter around in his pajamas. No joke.

And Peter is telling me all about his electric motorcycle that has a turning thing and a battery. {his bike}

And this post is all about what we did yesterday, so no more talking about today. =)

 We did some jumping. And climbing. 

And then some splashing.

And took PLENTY of pictures. Hence another slide-show. Or two. {see below}

You should have seen the waterfall coming out of Ezra's mud boots when we took them off to get in the car. Soaked socks.
Probably two cups of water in each boot. He sure did have fun. 

And if that wasn't enough for you, here we are with a fresh pair of pants getting dirty all over again. 

Gotta love boys. I really do. 

Puppy dog tails? Nah. Motorcycles and all terrain climbing vehicles. Oh yeah.
And while you're at it, bring on the crazy weather. We can handle it.

Want to see even more pictures? You're in luck. I have more.

Tired of looking at pictures? OK. I'm done. Except for these faces. Love his expressions. :)

Community Question: Do YOU let your kids get dirty sometimes? ;) Do they have special {mud} clothes or does anything go?