Noodlein' Along

A limp noodle has more get up and go than I do today.

{want recipe? click picture}

Endless tasks beginning with L and D have got me down.

The couch had cushions this morning for about 25 minutes. Then they were requisitioned for a new job. At least they don't worry about unemployment. Well, until they get kicked out into the hallway and reassigned. Dude, I'll give you some job security. It's called Stay Put.

I set up the tent, yesterday, with Peter's help, on the windiest day of April {so far}. He had to lie down inside the tent while I quickly staked each corner down. Well, tried to stake each corner...into the rockiest sub turf ever.

Took the kids over to BIG 5 {where's the five, mommy, I don't see the big 5!"} to pick up a couple space blankets {because I'm guessing we'll have to deal with some soggy ground on our upcoming coastal adventure} and still need to practice installing under the tent.
Still working on the packing list...

Been cooking. Maybe too much. Feast, then famine. In a couple weeks, I'll be posting about eating out of a cooler. So fill your bellies now.
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You know -- there are just times in a woman's life when inspiration comes hard. When I should probably just read a good book and not try so hard. But I tap tap tap the keys, exploring the darkened corners of my brain, searching for the words. Aching to have them out and smile at the result of words and sentences strung together...creating beauty.

My short story will come when it comes, y'all. And I'm sure yours will too.