P is for...

Peter is officially learning to play the piano. He doesn't like the "bubble" thing {where you hold your hands up, pretending there is a ball or a bubble underneath them}. But he's learning to play songs by color and starting to figure out that his fingers have numbers. Even better -- just play fun intervals and ask mommy every five seconds if she likes your song. Or see how far your arms can reach to play the highest and lowest note at the same time. 

We've started singing intervals too. He's got fabulous Pitch control. Proud.

Circle Time has been loads of fun this week -- the kids participate!! Yay for improvement! They've been jumping around and singing {kinda} while I play songs on my guitar {we made up a tune for our memory verse and I think it's really helping us remember!!}
"Let us be as helpful as rain." Psalm 72:6
And today we played a game -- race to say all the things in the room that start with the letter "P". GO -- "pillow, pizza pan, pictures, plants, piano!" Yay for Progress. Another P word. Lovin' this week.


So delicious. Everyone loves them very very much. Peter did what he could to help Grandma this afternoon, but to be completely honest, Mommy hasn't even mastered the job yet. You must have nimble fingers. But they don't take unusual talent to eat. ["If my mouth was a bit bigger....maybe..."]

{And now, if we were playing Scattergories, I'd get double points for these}
Penguin Pranks
Still laughing about this. Weeks later. I'm so gullible.

Pot Pie
On the menu for tomorrow!!!

Pretend Play
"Grandma, can we play store? Or how bout bank? OK, let's play house!" 

Plethora of People Posting Pleasantries = Priceless {that's all up to you}