Road Trip Wrap-up: Things I've Learned

Many people are afraid to take their kids camping for fear they won't sleep well in the tent. We've tried the pack n'play method and a huge tent with dividers making separate rooms, but the best thing yet is having separate tents for each child. Works for us. This way, the child can be put to bed alone, left to fall asleep without distraction. Neither of them cried at all, any of the nights we camped! Loving this.

Ever heard of space blankets? I used them as ground-cover -- between the tents and the ground. They are waterproof and reflect heat upwards into the tent. So amazing. Highly recommend.

Having tarps to throw over our tents in case of rain turned out to be a very good idea.

Have quarters handy for use in the coin laundry facilities -- this was super helpful.

And here is my Packing List for posterity. And our next trip. And for anyone who might like to use it. :)

I've learned that planning ahead carefully can make a huge difference in how well the trip goes.

I've learned that having a well-organized car can be like a well-oiled machine. Water? Got it. Milk? Easy. Snacks? Reachable with my right hand. We've got it all. We can go for miles.

Road trips are so fun!! Perfect kind of adventure with small children. Go have fun with your kids!