Today. Was. Beautiful.

I think many people across the country had gorgeous weather today. Would you believe we hit 70 degrees?? It was hot. Peter told me multiple times how hot and sweaty he was. He wasn't dressed for the weather.

Bare feet felt so nice in the grass.

I've uploaded enough pictures today for nine lives, so even though I took a BUNCH more today {phew!}, I'll just post my favorites. And paint some pictures with words.

It was one of those days too wonderful to spend indoors, so other than a quick trip to Joanne's, we were out. All day.

Buying Fabric
Oh glorious shopping trip where children stay seated in the cart, sweetly commenting on how pretty or how soft that particular fabric is or how that one would match with the other, not getting into each other's personal space {much} and generally being very good. And she found six different fabrics that she LOVES. And hopes to wear around her head to brighten up life. Should have done this four months ago. 

Playing at the Park
Working up the courage to let that big dark cave-like spiral slide take you into its mouth and spit you out after a few turns takes watching a brave friend do it a few times and maybe hearing his voice from the bottom echoing -- "Come on, Peter, you can do it! I'm right here!" Little brother does it on the lap of the squealing mommy who uses shoes against the side to slow them. Play is only interrupted by impatient bladders and not a potty in sight. He loves the home throne. 

Eating Fettuccine
Sitting on tall stools at the restaurant, melting as the sun bakes us through the windows, eyes squinting, palms sweating, trying to feed the breadstick-grabbing one-year-old sitting on my lap and the salad-craving three-year-old on the chair beside and myself, of course, with one fork. And then he bumps the water glass and soaks the counter, ice chunks everywhere. Climbs down, giving me a greased-hand pat-down. Thanks kid.

Playing Frisbee
Doubled-over-laughing when the frisbee does something wacky and wild after a childish throw or gets stuck in the tree branches and mommy flails and leaps and grabs at branches trying to retrieve it. Little bitty throws and claps by the younger. Racing a three-year-old at top speed to get to it first. We'll have more fun like this. 

Lying in the Grass
I cannot adequately describe the warm feeling one gets from laying on fresh green spring grass as the sun heats the body through. I closed my eyes and just felt. He lay his head on my arm and for a heavenly few seconds we both felt it. It was beautiful.

Think my house is clean because we weren't in it much? Nope. Dishes. Spilled soggy breakfast cereal still on the table. Recycling that needs to go out. But really, not bad. And it was so worth it. We'll get things picked up around here soon. Just not tonight. Tonight I gotta write. Cause right now, it's what matters most to me.

Another victim to the wonderful day spent outside were my April Fools Day plans...they required a bit of time in the kitchen. So, maybe we'll just have belated Fools Day. Hah. You'll never suspect it. Watch.