Two Winners

Short Story Contest:
I'm grateful for the two participants -- so much better than none! And I really enjoyed writing a story for it as well. That was fun. :) Next time, you'll be ready with your pen in hand, right?

I'm going to post the story that made me giggle, the story that painted fun word pictures, the story that included an oooey gooey worm. Thank you Rachel, for writing at the very last minute!!
The Zoo-Keeper
The garden was beckoning with the weather promising spring as the girls and I ventured out to hide beet, parsnip, and carrots seeds in the soil in hopes of a rich harvest in a few months. The reckless strawberries had burst forth from their beds, needing to be tucked back into their places. Every hole dug abounded with worms. My bug leery little red-head, picked up one, declared it a girl worm and christening it 'Abrianna.' - after herself.

'Abrianna' the worm's first home was a little discarded plastic lid discovered in the yard. This was soon abandoned for half a walnut shell.

Meanwhile the chicken pecked in the dirt searching for a stray worm or bug. "Abrianna, you need to cover your worm with dirt before she dries out," I cautioned. A few minutes later, "You can't leave your worm there. The chicken will eat it." This sent Abrianna scurrying to the dog cage, worm shell in hand. Carefully deposting it in the wire mesh cage, she closed the door. "Now the chicken can't get it," she declared.

Coming back outside about a half hour later, she hurried to collect her precious 'Abrianna worm'. Bursting into tears, she wailed, "She's GONE!" 'Abrianna worm' had made her successful escape, wriggling away into the layers of cardboard or maybe the nearby flower bed, never to be seen again.

Trying to ease her broken heart, I promised we'd find another worm the next time we gardened. To this she declared she would then be a, "zookeeper of worms."
NurseRetreat Giveaway:
Thank you all for participating! Our winner is *drumroll* Kari of A Snapshot of the Lenzes! It doesn't often happen that the first few or last few comments are chosen {statistically} -- better to be in the middle. But picked #2 out of 47 comments, so you got it!

I'll get you in touch with Angela of My Outdoor Mom and the NurseRetreat will be in the mail shortly!

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