Bike Tales

The love affair began at Cousin Luke's house. He was generous enough to let Peter try his electric motorcycle. If it wasn't too big for him. :)

Of course, Peter was brave and totally willing to give it a try! Since then, it's been in his dreams at night and thoughts during the day. Every time we visit Luke, he jumps on and takes it for a spin.

Sunday, April 17, 10:00am

Before his birthday party, he said, "I wonder if Luke will bring his motorcycle for me to ride.*knowing smile from mommy* 

Here is my baby, trying to close his eyes for his surprise.

Sunday, May 22, 6:00pm

And then the super-excited-is-it-really-true-can-this-bike-be-mine face!!

 Is it really for me?

Then the happy happy realization that his dreams have come true. And he rides off into the sunset.

With his favorite benefactor by his side. What a great cousin. Thanks SO much, Luke.

And thanks to everyone else for super fun birthday gifts, they will come in very handy when this thing's battery needs to be charged. ;p Which will be quite often unless we get a riding schedule figured out.

"MOMMY, can I go ride my motorcycle???????" 

Monday, May 23, 8:30am