Brain Dump and Blessings to Count

I am exhausted. We haven't had one boring Sunday in more than six weeks. Lego Robotics Challenge, Circuit Design Class, birthday parties, family visits and baby showers,'s been busy.

So I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my gifted DAY OFF this weekend. Whatever I want to do. Always such a brain shift. Should I do something fun and frivolous? Or something I need to get done -- that would give me a jump start? Getting the school room organized would be nice.

We were busy yesterday at Bloomsday -- getting sunburnt, beating our personal records, trying not to make too many slow people grumpy with us.

The kids were very patient. Amazingly so. Five points each. :) They sat in the stroller, in the sun for more than three hours! We had to do plenty of waiting in line, before and after the race. So many people. 

The crowds were so heavy. So many came out for a saunter, it seemed. This picture is taken closer to the end of the race when things were a bit thinner and we could actually weave our way through. Notice all the cups from the water stop.

We scarfed down some food after the race and then hit the children's museum for some child's play/adult relaxation. It was just that.

They had the neatest Filipino bamboo house, complete with bamboo furniture, coconut husk bowls, etc. So cool. Took me back about 15 years!

Home School
My brain has been busy with thoughts of homeschooling -- since I came back from CA with two+ boxes of great materials from my generous aunt! So many good books. Great curriculum. I still need to get my philosophies and goals all lined up and published...that could probably take a day or two of personal time right there. =) Brain dump.

Birthday Parties
Who was the smart one who decided all our birthdays should be within five weeks of each other? I'm going to need a few hours at least to plan Peter's Curious George party. A few more hours to get Tim's carrot/pineapple cake made. And even more hours to plan a lawn mower party for Ezra. :)

Yellowstone/Grand Tetons
And since we loved our coastal road trip so much {and Peter asked today when we can go on another long trip!} we're getting all psyched up for a tour of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks this June! More to think about and plan for!

Great Books
How Children Learn by John Holt {in my pile to-be-read-soon}
Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina {on my wish list}
Like Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury {currently breaking my heart}
Jolt by Phil Cooke {finished, ready to be reviewed}
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp {feeling like a refresher is in order}

What Children Do
Two boys on three wheels.

Eating outside when mama has just had enough mess. And then she realizes she'll have to clean the mess anyway. Outside.

Getting each other wet. Drinking water out of the sprinkler.

--One Thousand Gifts-- {it's been too long}
38. Tired smiles
39. Little boy hugs when big boy is crying
40. Dancing raindrops
41. Boys who go back to sleep when awakened
42. Passengers who read to tired drivers