Butterfly High -- SOLD!

I'm loving these red and oranges tonight! So vibrant, speaking of hot summer days to come. 
Wouldn't you just love to see these brilliant patterns across the veranda, hanging on the porch swing? 
Or accenting your wall?

 Here's some orange and red inspiration...something to go with your new quilt. ;)

Giraffe from Single Stone Studios
Flower Wall Stickers from Urban Walls
Coral Bowl from Uneek Glass Fusions

Red Chrysanthemum Pillow from KainKain
"Eat" Recycled Wood from Oh Dier 
Fireworks Glass Platter from Sunflower Glassworks
Poppy Print from Modern House Art 
I'm cutting out the six inch squares now -- soon this rag quilt will be for sale in our Etsy shop! 
If you'd like to reserve it, let me know!