Getting stuck in a rut? Not finding yourself growing and changing with the times? Bored?

Need a jolt?

Phil Cooke, in his book Jolt, does his best to help you live your best life. He discusses the pace at which our world is changing and recommends ways we can keep up. He has readers list their priorities and make sure they are living their best life now, lined up with their values and aspirations. He encourages healthy habit forming.

He outlines the following ways to help overcome insecurity:
  1} Be willing to take a risk.
  2} Learn to laugh at yourself.
  3} Start thinking realistically.
  4} Reward yourself for the little victories.
Learning to take chances at hard things, even dusting off after failures, comes hard for me. We could probably all stand to make fun of ourselves a bit. ;) To realize there is a bigger picture...our "stuff" isn't that big a deal.

I found a lot of truth in chapters 21 through 24 -- from eliminating distractions to using failure as a key to success to leaving a legacy of change, Phil has a lot to say and says it well.
"This chapter is about spending less time on what we perceive to be urgent and more time on what really matters." Jolt 165
Someone is telling me to hug my children even more. And if you need more convincing, read this book. I am saving up hundreds of hugs and kisses right now for when they both awaken from slumber. They won't know what hit them.
"From this point on, stop thinking about life as an individual event, and start looking at your life and career as a team sport." Jolt 179
"It's not about you, it's about solving problems." Jolt 187
"Spend your life investing in people." Jolt 191
Some of the chapters may need a bit of a skim, but I'd say this book has plenty of worthwhile information in it! Enjoy the read!

Thomas Nelson Publishers sent a complimentary copy of this book for my review.
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