Letting it all hang out...

I really just have to get a load off. While all 780 pictures come off my camera. I'll write.

I had a very clean house on Friday. It was amazing. I was in LOVE. The problem with having such a clean house is that I get obsessive about keeping it that way. Fretting. Picking up pieces of grass and little cracker crumbs. Griping. Following after the water-dripping, dirty-foot-stepping kids with a damp paper towel. Seriously. Not fun. I'm over it. The floor is dirty again.

I'm grumpy about Facebook. I mean -- if someone posts pictures or a witty comment, don't you think they deserve a response {or two}? What should Facebook etiquette look like anyway? Is looking at someone's pictures and not clicking "LIKE" or saying something nice like giving someone a blank stare when they smile at you from across the room? I want to connect with people online. I live in my house, dudes. We have this option. But it's like continual rejection -- post photos, check for comments, repeat. Feel sad. Receive an email notification, read nice comment, feel happy. It's really ridiculous. It's totally changing our social structure. I'm not sure what to do. I just want some comment love. I want to feel connected to ya'll out there. :)

{While I'm on a soap-box, are you a friend of Housewife in Town on Facebook? Cause sometimes I say things on there too...y'know...} *pensive smile* And you could wave at me from across the room...

We've had a nice visit with my in-laws this weekend. Yesterday, we were having a little music jam time and Peter hands Grandpa an instrument and says "You can praise the Lord if you want, Grandpa!" Love it. He doesn't like to sing much anymore...unless he's in the bathtub. I pry it out of him by hesitating until he fills in the blanks... "He's able, He's able, I know he's _________" Most of the time, he can't stand to leave the stanza unfinished and he'll pipe in. On tune and everything. *proud smile*

I took this picture of Ezra yesterday -- practicing using manual mode. I think I am starting to get it figured out. So excited. Love this look and the green shirt and red hair. Oh, he's so beautiful. I know. Get a grip, mom.

I've been thinking lately that maybe we'll start eating four meals in a day. Really. By eleven o'clock, they are asking for food {and my stomach is usually growling too}. Then they are hungry by three or four. And that food has worn off by bedtime. There's a lot of grumpy campers when mommy is trying to cook and nobody wants to wait. So -- meal planning might take a bit different spin this week. Cereal and orange boats. Celery sticks and bagels. Soup and cornbread. Apples and cheese. Four smaller, easier meals. With more fresh fruits and vegies. And fiber. Sounds good to me.

I just really need more time to think inside my head. I'm so sorry, I know introverts are totally uncool and unpopular. I'm a disappointment to everyone, I know. But I just have to be alone to think! It's super weird. I'm glad I'm finally getting myself figured out. For so many years I would beat myself up and try to be like the cool people. And end up just feeling out of touch and miserable. I let it all out in a journal entry last night, something I need to do more often. Tension releases. Life starts to make a little more sense. A little. I'm still confused about so many things. But I'm alone right now, after a busy day of party-throwing, and it feels so good.

You know what else feels super good? Looking at the BEAUTIFUL pictures I took at the party today. I just love photography so much.

And that was about the most rambly, random, potentially annoying blog post I've ever written.

I apologize a lot. Sorry.

Very cool birthday party post with pictures to come. Maybe that'll make up for this mess. =)