Lilies and Lavender; Loaves and Fishes

She had always loved flowers. Her first steps had been to get her closer to the daisies, to smell, to pick. To give to mama.

So here on the mountainside, surrounded by spring wildflowers, she couldn't have been happier. Color saturated as sunshine filtered through swaying stems and breeze carried perfumes only smelled in the country.

She would have been lost in the beauty had it not been for the One she came to listen to. He interrupted her reverie with nature and spoke to her heart. He talked about salt being salty. He talked about lights shining.

She understood metaphor. Others would say that she lived in a dream world, rarely coming out to walk in reality. But she just saw things differently. When He talked about salt and light, it made sense to her.

And then He started talking about flowers.
"Consider the lilies of the field and how they grow. They do not work or weave or sew, and yet their garments are stunning. And think about grassy fields--the grasses are here now, but they will be dead by winter. And yet God adorns them so radiantly. How much more will He clothe you, you of little faith, you who have no trust." Matthew 6 The Voice

She was transfixed. She had always felt like there was a higher power taking care of everything. How can you dance in fields of lilies and lavender and not laugh at the simplicity of it all? He takes care. He drenches with color. He brings sun and rain.

And so she listened all day. She would have listened forever.

But her stomach was growling. The boy next to her smiled knowingly.

"My mom packed me a lunch. Don't you have anything to eat?"


She hadn't planned for a day like this. The flowers and the words had carried her away, characteristically, without thought for the future.

She listened as a disciple spoke with the boy beside her and was surprised when he willingly gave up his lunch. She wished she had something to give.

Jesus' head bowed as He blessed the small lunch. Suddenly she knew what to do. She moved quickly, bending down now and then, quickly collecting an ensemble of blooms. Totally unaware of the miracle taking place, she picked another purple, another pink, until the bouquet was just perfect.

She moved over to Him, hesitantly, yet certain. He would love this.

Their eyes met -- young girl with flowers, Teacher with unseen miracles. She stretches out her arm, fingers clasped around stems, willing Him to take her gift. He sees what she hopes He would -- that she accepts his complete care for her life, that she knows He will dress her in beauty like the lilies.

He smiles, taking the flowers, filling her now-empty hands with bread and fish.