Meal Planning Monday

This is my attempt to break our meals up into four per day, reducing and simplifying {since the kids don't eat enough at each meal to carry them 5-6 hours} and upping the fresh fruit and vegetable ratio. These aren't in order -- we just pick one based on how the day is going. The only meals that require much prep are 11:00 and 6:30. If all goes well, I'll get lunch going right after breakfast {yams in the oven, rice started, beans slow cooking} and supper made in the early afternoon {during Peter's computer time}.

If only things were that straight forward, right?

7:00 Early Start {served with toast}
plain Nancy's yogurt/blackberry jam/flax/granola/banana
Wheat Chex/craisins/milk/orange slices
cornmeal mush/smart balance/honey/grapes
applesauce/almond butter
fried egg/vegenaise/sliced strawberries

11:00 Pre-Lunch {served with green drink}
hummus/pita bread/cucumber slices/feta
black beans/toasted brown rice/green onions/tomato/cojita
spiral noodles/cheddar/edemame
baked yams/toasted brown rice/mushroom soup gravy
taco meat/warmed corn tortillas/tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, cilantro, sour cream

3:00 Afternoon Tie-Down
toasted bagel/celery and carrot sticks
apple slices/sliced cheddar
linkett sandwiches/grapes
crackers/hummus/dried figs
butter/honey sandwiches/strawberries

6:30 Finisher
lentil soup/cornbread
chicken and corn enchiladas
Spanish rice casserole
steamed rice and yellow potato curry
baked potatoes/broccoli/chives/sour cream

In future Meal Planning Monday posts, I will focus on the 6:30 meal, the one that will have the most variety from week to week. Although, we're going to try to stay pretty simple. So I hope it won't be boring. :)

This sure helps with my grocery list. I feel so much better prepared for the week {even if it is Tuesday already!}.

Want some baking inspiration? I would love to find time to make these: