My Fourth Birthday

Hi. This is Peter.

It's been a week since my birthday party where I supposedly turned four years old. I still say I'm three. Sometimes. Unless I need to be four to ride my motorcycle. Then I'm four.

I have been so busy riding my new motorcycle this week that I haven't had time to blog about my party.

It was pretty fun. I think mommy and daddy had fun getting ready for it.

Looks like someone got "framed".
My daddy made me a really hip banana curtain.

And my mommy made sure people knew who's birthday it was. Cuz, you know, I wasn't letting on that it was me...

Some of my friends disguised themselves as monkeys.

We played monkey in the middle and some other games...and ate some food...I don't know...I was waiting for the cake.

But they didn't make me a cake. All I got was this weird looking banana thing. Who ever heard of drilling holes in a piece of wood to fill with frozen-bananas-on-sticks? Parents these days.

They tasted pretty delicious though. I almost forgot about wanting a cake.

My friends really liked the bananas too. See?

I got so many fun presents. Almost made me want to have a birthday and be four, after-all. :)

Thank you friends!!

Mommy thought you might like to see what I looked like on all my other birthdays. So, if you care about things like you go. Click away. I'm gonna get back on my bike.
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