Playing Catch {Up]

Blogger has been down for the past almost 24 hours and I have so many pictures and stories that need to come down the tube. 
Time to get out the plunger. 

Like seriously, this photo is from the archives already. Happy birthday to me -- May 6, 2011.

I don't know what we did on Monday. Probably played outside.

On Tuesday, the boys played with friends while mommy went to visit a local preschool. I returned to find them all in the shower closet, mostly clothed, giggling and obviously having too much fun. Then they used a fan to "dry" their hair. So silly. ;) Tim says I need to take more pictures of our kids playing with other kids. For the memories.

I took the camera to gymnastics. Brave. No, crazy. I only got one picture. Of Ezra. Oops.
And then one more in the FAVORITE elevator, Peter's reward for participating in class.

Took the camera to T-ball too. Even braver. But I got a lot more to show for it.

He's a silly guy. Not sure how much technique he's learning...but he's having a blast.

We had another play date on Wednesday -- wish I had captured the look on Peter's face whenever Yori smiled at him. It was a super-cute, half-embarrassed, shy smile -- bet I'll see that look again when he's 13 {is that about the age boys like girls again??}.

Here's a memory for you: Peter sitting on the towel while mommy lets loose a little. Letting that little scream out felt super good.
I live with three boys, but I'm still female.

That was Wednesday afternoon.

Then I made yummy pizza. And realized again that my previous pizza box was totally boring. Now I love pizza with bean sprouts on it, pizza with alfredo sauce, pizza with pineapple, and check out this version, loaded with fresh shaved asparagus.

And because we're missing daddy and his underdogs tonight...a few more photos from the archives.

There. Hopefully I'll have time to post photos from Thursday and Friday soon. Fun hike and orchard pics. Birthday party and finished projects to show off.

Did you see my new badge for our Yellowstone Trip? More on that coming soon too.