She Wanted the Best for Them

Like many, she only wanted the best for her sons. What mother doesn't?

We see their tiny fingernails, feel the soft hair on their skin, press cheeks together and feel the mini-exhales -- the amazing life breath of a tiny creature.

From that point on, Mom is chief cheerleader. Chief advocate. She wants everything best for the ones closest to her heart.

She wanted them to have the best seats in the house.
“Say that these two sons of mine will sit, one on your right hand and one on your left, in your kingdom.” Matt 20:21
Not so different from those many mothers bringing their young children to sit on His lap, to receive His blessing.

Nathaniel knew his mother would have done the same for him. He watched the scene unfold that windy morning on the mountainside. He saw the grown men, sons, watching her from a distance. He watched that brave mother, asking the Almighty for the best. He saw the jealous others, planning their speeches of discontent.

And he saw the understanding in Jesus' eyes. Eyes that knew the depths of a mother's love.
On this celebratory day {weekend}, we remember our mothers -- the ones who want the best for us, 
the ones who sacrifice, who love, who petition the Father for blessings.

Thank you, dear mothers. We love you.