What Hiking Does For Me

Really, what DOESN'T it do?

It ensures that I spend quality time with my kids.

It gets us in the beautiful great outdoors -- fresh air, sunshine, happy birds.

It gives me a chance to photograph, one of my biggest loves.

It gets us moving -- we all need exercise that's fun!

It encourages my kids to spread their wings a bit.

It reminds me how cute my sons are. ;)

It refreshes me.

It gives me opportunities to teach my youngest patience...and tenacity.

It makes me feel centered, like I have a place in this world.

It clears the brain, rejuvenates the soul.

It makes us curious.

It slows down the pace of life, makes us enjoy the moment.

It provides new perspective.

It's a bonding experience with the children that I love.

But no, it doesn't get the laundry done, or the dishes. When I'm outside, those are the last things on my mind.
When we're hiking, I forget how mundane life can be. Big perk.