A Pocketful of Cricket

There's a cricket in my pocket.

{no, not mine -- Jay's}
He's the six-year-old in this book who loves walking barefoot through the cornfields and rinses his feet in the stream. He lives in the country.

We heart him. {Mommy's excited that Peter likes him, because she wants him [Peter] to be just like that [a barefoot nature explorer]}.
He climbs trees, watches butterflies, and eats homemade bread with butter. 
 He swings on fences. He walks backwards.
He smells hickory nuts. "The smell tingled in his nose like the smell of the first frost."
He likes to put things in his pockets. Special rocks, nuts, feathers, beans...
He listens to the sounds of nature. The beetles clicking. The cicadas humming.
And he eats tree-ripened apples, one in each hand. Bite of one, bite of the other. {That's Peter's favorite part of the story...}
I'm working on raising my own little "Jay" right now.
He still likes to wear his Keens, but dirt is becoming more of a friend.
Exploring fields of peas, smelling the sweet spring air.
Climbing on old irrigation pipe trucks.

That's my boy. 
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