Camping in the Rain

The forecast for Tuesday night read: 20% chance of rain showers. We took the risk.

Now -- I'm not used to beach weather, but does it normally sprinkle on and off all evening/night? A cloud comes over, drops its load, then the sun comes back out, until another cloud comes. Some showers are just a tinkle, others more of a quick torrent.

It would have been more accurately described as "showers 20% of the time".

See the wet table? Water droplets on the tents? We managed -- fortunately the tent fly(s) are both really waterproof and the space blankets under the tents kept out most of the dampness. And we stood to eat.

And they smiled. Kids are such great sports.

I just couldn't believe how beautiful this beach was. Amazing. Sea grass. Dunes. flowers. Sun spilling over clouds and reflecting on the waves. Warm sand. Well, when you dig past the wet-from-rain layer, then it's warm and dry.

It was literally five minutes from our campsite -- well, if you have quick feet. Which my kids must have left at home.

They loved it, of course.