Challis Hot Springs

We give it 5 stars. Great accommodations {grass}. Kid-friendly {nice neighbors}. Warm water {hot springs}. Or cold water {if you like}. Buzz loved the cold water spout -- splashed in it, pressed up against it, sprayed daddy with it. He is crazy like his daddy.

We would definitely come back to this spot. Everyone loved it.

Really great swimming pool -- super warm, with pebbles on the bottom to feel like a hike-down-to-the-river kind of hot spring. 

And our neighbors were so nice. This little girl immediately came over to find out how old our kids were and if they wanted to play. Perfect. They pretended they were flying an airplane together (sitting out in the field in camp chairs), read stories together, swam together, shared snacks...were best of buddies.

Curious what our 5-star accommodations look like? Before they got all wet from the night rain...
Here's the Daddy/Buzz suite...complete with pillow pet.

And the Mommy/Pete suite. Cozy. Warm.

And the view from our campsite.

Trip Details: 
Challis Hot Springs -- such a lovely little spot with grassy tenting sites, glorious swimming and gracious hosts.

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