Gardening and Park Pictures

Sometimes I wonder what life is all about. You know -- is it about smiles exchanged with friends on the slide? Feeling the air tussling your hair as you swing? Sitting in a beanbag with your dear boy leaning into your shoulder? Watching children hug each other? Seeing strawberry blossoms?

Sometimes life feels really good. 

Sometimes we stop and think about it. We think about how wonderful if is to have friends. To have warm weather. To have parks to play at. Grass to chew on. And we take joy in the small things that bring us such pleasure.

Bulbs blooming. Seeds waiting below the surface of the soil. The promise of a blueberry harvest.

And we are so grateful. We aren't guilty for the joy we experience. We don't wish we had less just for the sake of those we think are poor. Because they are rich too. We are all rich when we take joy in every moment. When we see the beauty in every flower and every smile. We are all rich when we count every little blessing. When we smell the fresh morning air. When we feel the softness of skin.

We don't wish we had less. We don't wish we had more.

We love the moment we have. With the people we have. With the weather we have. With the grace that we have.
"Serving God does make us very rich, if we are satisfied with what we have."
1 Timothy 6:6 New Century
--One Thousand Gifts--
58. Hearing happy robins digging worms on a rainy day.
59. Knowing the floors will be cleaned very well in just a couple days.
60. The cluster of bright red on-the-vine tomatoes on the counter.
61. The feel of homemade pizza dough on tired hands.
62. Listening to gently falling rain.