Google Maps Fail {perhaps blame the user}

So -- our first night didn't go as planned. Oh no. I've learned that you can't trust everything on the Internet. And maybe that I should drop my expectations just a bit. We thought {somehow} that our campsite was within a mile of Crouch, ID. Just off the highway, ya know?

After scouting the town a bit, we see a nice wooden sign that reads Silver Creek Plunge Campground -- 23 miles. Unexpected.

So we follow the paved road that quickly turns to dirt road that gets narrower and narrower and now we're climbing to the top of one of Idaho's tallest mountains {it seemed}. Traveling at 25 miles an hour on narrow, winding, loose gravel road...let me tell you...we just weren't ready for this.

An hour later {and down the other side of the mountain} we finally find the place {after driving about 5 miles past it and asking friendly folk for help}. It's hiding behind a Forestry Service campground and isn't more than a grassy spot with a pool.

Where are we supposed to camp? Is the hot spring included in the camping fee?

No. And you might want to camp at the forest service campground since ours costs double.

OK. It's late. We're exhausted from spending half the day packing and the other half trying to find this place.

We expedite the going to bed process {Peter had already fallen asleep in the car} and hope this is the only campground fail.

And next time, I will call and ask for detailed directions. Or rather enter more than "Crouch, ID" when getting directions on Google Maps. *sigh*