Let Them Come

It didn't take super powers of perception to see that these children were disappointed. Brows knit in the middle, tears welling, heads hanging down. The older ones had sorrowful eyes but set jaws and clamped teeth showed that they had experienced sadness before and hoped to avoid it altogether next time.

The babies reach for their mamas, looking nervously toward the tall stern men.

Another, old enough to be walking well but not talking much, lingered, watching. He saw the gentle expression on the seated man's face, unlike the hardened faces of the others. He looked back at his mother, back at his brother, whose tears were running now.

He would like to go stand by that kind-looking man. His lap looked inviting, his arms warm and soft. His eyes were tender.

The grass tickled his bare little feet as he bravely moved away from the group of women and children, walking closer to Jesus. He was watching the kind man's face as it changed from gentle and kind to smiling and laughing.

He walked faster.

Those big mean men started to move toward him, arms outstretched, but then he heard soft talking and the word "come". He knew what that meant and ran the rest of the way straight to Jesus' arms. They were as soft and warm as he thought they would be. Jesus hugged him, snuggling him in His lap, whispering "I love you" in his ear.

The others moved closer, tentative, but hopeful. Who wouldn't want to be near, to feel close, to experience the love of Jesus? They all did.

And Jesus was ready to give hugs and share his lap with all of them. But first, He squeezed the brave one, tousling his ruddy hair, kissing the top of his head. And then gently handed him over to his mother with a knowing smile.

And he said with arms outstretched, "COME". 
Let the little children come to me; do not get in their way. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to children like these.
Matthew 19:14 The Voice